Of Men, Women, Curtains and Prairie Dogs

My Wife: “They have curtains at Target. You know, for your office.”

Me: “My office at work, or my office at home?”

“At home. I am not sure what color you would like. They had a blue one, but would you like that?”

“It depends on the shade of blue, what did it look like?”

“It was a fancy blue, but not too fancy, you know what I mean?”

“Not even remotely. Fancy is a style description, not a color description.”

“Well it was blue, but not too blue. Like kind of an old fashioned blue, but not really.”

“There are no real color descriptions in that sentence anywhere. Like if I said I was looking at a fancy yellow, would that mean anything to you?”

*Smile* “I had a fancy yellow dress when I was little.”

“I wish I lived on the planet you come from, it sounds wonderful there. Do they have prairie dogs on your planet? I should record this conversation.”

“No, you really shouldn’t.”

See? Men and women just communicate differently. Like when she describes a color, it has nothing at all to do with actual colors. Another example is when she says I better not record this conversation, I am pretty sure that she meant, “please type it out and share it on your fledgling blog that you have created so that the entire world can have access to it.” Done, my sweet.

With the difficulties related in talking to the other gender, it is enough to make a person wish they were gay sometimes. Or a prairie dog.

“I am not sure I like your new fancy blue curtains, my friend.”

Researchers have found that prairie dogs are actually able to have extensive, complex communication with one another. The prairie dogs actually are able to use nouns and adjectives to describe different predators as they are being eaten by them. Researchers found they were able to describe the shape, size, speed, and yes even the color of objects. They are able to identify and warn one another about approaching objects or predators. Too bad they do not have curtains to hide behind. I wonder how the prairie dogs would describe my new curtains.

As it turns out, the curtains look great in my office. They are clearly more of a dandy blue though. Yip-yip-yip!


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