Drive-In Theaters: Childhood Memories

Google’s doodle of today is celebrating the 79th anniversary of the first drive-in theater. As I watched it, it really brought back some memories of when my family and I would go to the drive-in when I was a child. It was cost effective, and lots of fun. The one I remember us frequenting (I cannot even remember where it was at!), had a playground up front that I would play at until dusk had settled in and the movie would start. After we were settled in, and the speaker was hanging from our car window with the volume properly adjusted, my dad would head out for popcorn. My mom would also pack enough extra food to feed us for several weeks. You can never be too prepared you know.

I would wear my feeted pajamas. This allowed me to walk outside some, without the need for shoes, yay!

I think now that my kids will never know that experience. Even if I could find one to take them to, it would not be the same. Having that tin-ny speaker hanging on the driver side windows as our sole static laced auditory connection to what was going on up on the screen would probably seem more archaic than nostalgic to them. I imagine this reverie is what it must be like for the people that used to tune into radio stations to hear the lone ranger. I am young enough to have missed that stage of entertainment, and I can see that as a kid, I probably would have questions about why anyone would want to just hear a story and not see the video to go with it. Just like my kids would probably question why we would want to listen to the movie with a system that had such poor sound quality.

So, I guess we just have to start some new traditions for our children today. What kinds of things will they look back on with nostalgia? How will they remember spending time with their family as youth?

Here is the Google doodle if you missed it:

8 Things You Don’t Know About Drive-Ins


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