My Cooking Magazines: A New Cooking Goal

I love cooking magazines. I like looking through the magazines during my free time, and see which recipes I would like to try. I recently noticed, though that I have tons of them, and many recipes I want to “try someday,” but have never actually attempted. Well, no more! I have decided that I am going to go through my magazines and make at least one recipe from each magazine. If I cannot find a recipe I want to make, then there is no need to keep the magazine. I have some from back in 2004!

Also, I want to try an cook duck. I love duck, but I have never made it myself before. Maybe I will find a recipe in one of these magazines…


  1. jrlambert

    Up first is the September, 2004 issue of Gourmet magazine. I have selected eight recipes; everything from biscuits, to desserts. Stay tuned. 🙂

  2. Lois

    I do tear out the recipes at least… last week I went through them all and filled a bag with ones I knew I would never cook, and couldn’t imagine why I would have ever thought I would!! I still have a load though… a real load… hmmm… Great post!

  3. muddledmom

    I have quite the stack too. My goal this summer has been to go through it and rip out the recipes I want to try. Slowly but surely. I’m trying some new dishes too. Now if I can just get the kids to like them!

    • jrlambert

      Well, the kids can be a problem. My 7-year-old son does not like to try new things. Still, it is fun to try them. My wife appreciates some of them. My 11-year-old liked a sausage and cabbage recipe I just made, I was surprised. I will be posting that one soon.

  4. m3lly78

    I also have a food magazine addiction! have you read Australian Gourmet Traveller mag? you should try and get a copy….soooo good! Sadly, I am also one of those people that discreetly tear out surgery waiting room magazine recipes….shameful I know!

    • jrlambert

      My wife snags pages from the doctor’s waiting room as well. I was just looking through a magazine from my collection yesterday, saying to myself, “Wow, how come I have never made any of these recipes?”

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