Slightly Imperfect Style

I was buying some socks in a discount clothing store. Not one that usually has horrible clothes, but one where the clothing is being sold at a cheaper rate for whatever reason. For my socks, no one is really ever going to see anything but the top of them, and no one has ever asked me for a receipt of where I buy my socks, so these were perfect for me. Nice looking socks to replace my old ones, at a great price.

As I was taking them to my wife, who was finding clothes for my kids as well, I noticed the sticker that said, “SLIGHTLY IMPERFECT STYLE.” I looked over the socks, and could find no discernible problems with them, but it was the sticker I loved. I took it over to my wife and said, “Look at this, it describes me perfectly!” Slightly imperfect style. Too bad my blog already has a name.

Later, I am checking my blog to make sure a post came out okay, and I happened to glance at the new widget that lists the last six posts I “liked” with the like button. Wow, what another great label for me!

I have tried to blog in the past, and it has been tough because I felt like I had to keep my interests separate. I was either a writer, a father, a husband, or a therapist. This was because I read some about blogs and trying to target the audience as a blog writer. This led to me having more than one blog, and unable to keep up in this hectic life I lead. I also realized I loved reading posts by famous authors who wrote about themselves as people, not just stuffy posts about their writing greatness. So I set out to have a blog that went against current wisdom, and contained many of my interests, not just writing.

So here I am, faced with this image on my blog. It has hot pink panties, books, one is actually a parenting type blog, and food glorious, food. I do not actually wear panties, but I am a big fan. I love books, I love being a dad, and I love cooking and eating food. Food, sex, books, and parenting (which is a result of the sex). So there we are, another label that fits me. I hope you enjoy the journey with me as I write about the many things that interest me, from my slightly imperfect style.

You throw in your 2 cents, but I only give you a penny for your thoughts. Leave me your thoughts so I can make an easy penny...

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