Cephalopod Motherhood: My Wife Rocks


I have previously discussed that my wife and I are trying to lose some weight and get healthier. So on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, she goes to the gym, while I get the wee ones ready for school. This last Tuesday was my first time as the deck officer while she was at the YMCA. Trying to get five kids together, fed, ready to go to school, and relatively happy is like trying to stuff a live, angry octopus into a small Ziploc bag.

“I don’t know where you left shoe is, why wasn’t it by the right shoe?”

“Well you can’t go to school without pants, so you are just going to have to find some.”

“No honey, they are not my shoes, I have no idea where they are.”

“Yes, you have to eat breakfast, what kind of question is that?”

“Do you do this to your mom too?”

“Wait, didn’t you already have the right shoe before? So you have found the left shoe but cannot remember where you put the right shoe that you already had before?”

“Who gave the baby markers?”

“What do you mean you don’t have any more money left in your lunch account? Why are you just telling me this now?”

“What do you mean those shoes do not fit anymore, then why did we spend all #@&*$@ morning looking for the other one then?!?!?”

“You just wait til your mother gets home!!”


Hats off to you honey, you do it every morning!


  1. mauriceabarry

    G’wan m’son, it’s as easy as pie.
    Whoops, I mean pi,
    …to the hundredth place
    …been there. Yup, you’re actually right.

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