Getting Healthy: The Score so Far

The last couple of weeks have brought visits from family, which always involves food. I did not follow my workout schedule either. I still worked out though,  and as of Saturday, I was at 209 pounds. That would have me two pounds lower than the previous week at 211. I started at 220, so overall that is 11 pounds. I feel pretty good about losing 2 pounds on a week where I did not follow my diet and exercise plans very well. This last weekend brought a visit from family, and a few (hundred) extra calories, so I am sure it will be another slow week. If I can end the week still at 209, or at 208, I will be satisfied.

We have a big dinner on Christmas eve, and everyone keeps telling me that all diets are off on Christmas eve. I guess they are afraid I am going to pass of some low fat tofu casserole on them or something. 😉


    • mauriceabarry

      Out the window it all goes for the next two weeks :>) Me–I take a good walk when I can, but the guilt–safely buried until the new year. I’ll probably even put a small bit of what we call ‘salt beef’ (from my province’s seafaring heritage) otherwise known as ‘trimmed naval beef’ in with the veggies for Christmas Dinner…gotta keep that fact from the family doctor :>)

      • jrlambert

        I don’t think salted beef for one meal is such a killer. I can’t blow it all off for two weeks though. I had spring rolls for lunch yesterday and lettuce wraps for dinner, so I was good. I am heading out to work out in a bit this morning. Then next week is will be sweet potato casserole, ham, and pie!

    • jrlambert

      Lol, I just can’t do it! I think I would prefer to just eat vegetables over a fake turkey. But I won;t do either. An old fashioned artery clogging Christmas ham it will be!

      • keiththegreen

        I was suggesting serving to your guests, go ahead and enjoy a Christmas Dinner with all the trimmings. It’s about not eating carrots and lettuce everyday nor eating 16oz steaks with mashed potatoes and cheesecake for desserts always, rather follow th middle path. Eat healthy most of the time.

        • jrlambert

          Hahaha, I think if I tried to serve tofurkey to my family, there would be a mutiny over the bounty. My seven-year-old would lead the rebellion. He thinks ham should be its own good group!

          Yes, it is all about the balance. I feel pretty good about where I am at, despite the holiday indulgences. Just had a good workout too, that helps.

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