Inspiring People: Paula Dean

We should celebrate people who inspire us. There are plenty of people in the news that we hear about that are not very inspiring and exhibit the worst of humanity. Our fallen heros like Lance Armstrong hurt that much more because of the place they once held in our hearts. I think the voices of those who are inspiring though, are muted in the popular media. It isn’t sensational, it isn’t exciting, it isn’t news. I disagree though. I think those people that inspire us are sensational.

Paula Dean, who is 66-years-old, found out she was diabetic and she announced it to the news media. Of course this was news, because we have all seen her put 12 pounds of butter in a recipe and then cover it in gravy. I know Ms. Dean must have been aware that people would quickly latch onto the fact that the queen of butter is now diabetic, but she announced it publicly despite that. I am going to be honest, I am a bit of a foodie, but I never really made her recipes because of this. Since she has announced that she is diabetic, she has lost 36 pounds.

How did she do this? Did she enter a triathlon and become the oldest person to climb Mount Everest? No. She walks for 30 minutes a day. She must be eating tofu and celery for every meal now though, right? No. She says she eats the same foods, she has just lowered the size of the portions of her unhealthy foods, and eats larger portions of healthy foods such as salads.

So what I get from this is moderation. She has achieved balance and moderation with her exercise and dieting. Many celebrities come out with their videos to promote dieting, and they appear on Good Morning America and give their tips for how to stay slim and healthy. Okay, a person who has a personal chef, a personal trainer, and nothing to do all day everyday but exercise until the filming for their next movie starts is going to tell me just how to be healthy. I am a busy dad of five children, with two jobs and a wife who occasionally likes to spend time with me, so forgive me if I do not rush out and buy that celebrity DVD.

Paula Dean, however, is a 66-year-old woman who has become more healthy, and all with a simple plan of walking a short time everyday, and eating in moderation. To me, that is inspiring for me as an everyday person with everyday struggles.  Through moderation, a plan that literally anyone can follow, she has been able to provide us all with everyday inspiration.


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