AD/HD Son Telling AD/HD Mom a Knock-Knock Joke

AD/HD son telling AD/HD Mom a knock-knock joke:

AD/HD Son: Knock knock

AD/HD Mom: Who’s there?

AD/HD Son: Winnie

AD/HD Mom: Winnie who?

AD/HD Son: Winnie the Pooh

AD/HD Mom: Winnie the Pooh who?

AD/HD Son: Huh?

AD/HD Mom: What?

AD/HD Son: I’m so confused!

AD/HD Mom: Me too! 

Yes. I live with this everyday. It is never boring! 🙂



  1. scatteredsunshine518

    Ah..gotta love AD/HD…not all the time. Check out my blog, The Case of the Pillow Case, and you will see my middle son, properly named Messy Marvin, has Ad/Hd and gives me wonderful and interesting days.

    • jrlambert

      Luckily, my son only has the attention problems, and not the hyperactivity. Unfortunately, he probably gets it from his mom, who I also have to deal with on a daily basis, ha ha.

      • scatteredsunshine518

        My son has full blown hyper and attention problems…oh the fun! My husband has AD/HD also lacks the hyper but has a double dose of short attenti…squirrel! And has fidgety running through his veins. I fell your pain. Interesting to say the least. 🙂 (oh Btw thanks for the follow.)

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