Work(s) In Progress

Welcome to my list of works in progress. This is my attempt to spur myself toward self-accountability in order to make sure that I make steady progress toward my writing projects.

Current Projects

This one is tough for me, as I always have numerous ideas running through my noggin. It is hard for me to settle on one idea for long enough to see it through to completion, without getting diverted. I think it has a lot to do with just about everything being my muse. I constantly get ideas from movies and books, but also from paintings, ideas for scenes that intrude upon my shower, and just situations that I encounter from everyday circumstances.

Ark Series: Book One

The earth’s resources are close to being completely spent. Humankind is using the last of their resources to launch three Arks into space to three different habitable planets in the hopes of thwarting extinction. Following an accidental explosion on Archeus, the first of the three ships, John Terry is the only surviving member of the council charged with seeing Archeus to its distant planetary destination. As a child and family therapist and the least senior council member, John believes he is ill-equipped to guide the crippled ark to its new home. Another test to his leadership is the building evidence that the explosion may not have been an accident after all. Will they make it to the new world? What will they find, if they make it there?

All material is Copyright 2013, J.R. Lambert. All rights reserved.



  1. Maurice A. Barry

    I was going to comment next to your most recent post, regardless but, given the nature of the most recent one, decided hat a little respect was in order.
    So…here I am 🙂
    Just stopping by to wish you a Merry Christmas and to remind you of all of the beautiful tomorrows that lie ahead of both of us.

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